Lauren Santilli

Sales and Leasing Specialist

About Lauren

Licensed Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Appraiser Trainee. Previously experienced marcomm and event management specialist with 8+ years of creating, executing, and analyzing integrated marketing strategies stretching across the hospitality, non-profit, and consumer goods industries.

In addition to her formidable expertise as a licensed real estate agent and real estate appraiser trainee, Lauren Santilli brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles in marketing communications and event management. Over her illustrious career spanning more than eight years, Lauren has demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for crafting, implementing, and evaluating integrated marketing strategies across a diverse array of industries, including hospitality, non-profit, and consumer goods.

Her multifaceted background equips her with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, enhancing her ability to provide tailored solutions and exceptional service to her clients in the real estate arena. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, Lauren is poised to deliver unparalleled results and guide her clients towards their real estate goals with confidence and precision.

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